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Subway Passengers Just Keep Getting Weirder and Weirder…

 COVID-19 accomplished the impossible, it officially rendered the subway an even weirder place than it was pre-pandemic, even though the bar was pretty low to being with; just look at these pictures of subway passengers from last year. It seems that some people just have a very loose definition of what counts as social distancing and wearing a face covering. While we're all completely flabbergasted by these pictures, we must say that all of them are so weird that they're pretty funny. Maybe, these strange passengers are doing the right thing after all, as humor is the best medicine, they say.

1. What? How? Why the hat?

Weird Subway Passengers sculpture

2. The expression of the girl in the background says it all...

Weird Subway Passengers mask glasses

3. Why wear a boring face mask if you can wear a full spider man costume?

Weird Subway Passengers spiderman

4. All this is way too post-apocalyptic...

Weird Subway Passengers man in a gas maks

5. Because wearing a face mask is SO March of 2020...

Weird Subway Passengers bunny

6. Now, this is kind of smart, as all of us could use some personal space on the subway

Weird Subway Passengers umbrella

7. Ultimate survival mode: ON

Weird Subway Passengers man in mask reading with flashlight

8. ... and this is clearly the easiest way to make sure everyone stays 6ft away from you

Weird Subway Passengers snake

9. The real-life bat-man lives in South Korea!

Weird Subway Passengers upside down man

10. This guy must be seriously late for work...

Weird Subway Passengers half beard

11. I bet he feels cozy and at home everywhere...

Weird Subway Passengers sweater person

12. A good way to social distance in a crammed subway

Weird Subway Passengers hovering

13. Is it a bottle? Is it a face shield? It's spider-man (again)!

Weird Subway Passengers spider man 2
Images Sources: acidcow; noteabley
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