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These Cool Forgotten Inventions Deserve Another Chance

 With the rapid advancement of technology and the invention of cool and useful gadgets, our lives have only gotten easier. That being said, while we may laugh at some of the old inventions we see today, a lot of them can actually be still quite useful even now. Here, we have presented some forgotten inventions of the past centuries that deserve another chance with us today. From teacups with a mustache protector to giant vending machines that dispensed hot meals, these quirky vintage inventions should be brought back.

1. Once upon a time, they made mugs and teacups with mustache protectors. These would have certainly helped keep one's upper lip nice and clean.

Vintage Inventions, mugs and teacup
Image Credit: Imgur

2. A portable writing desk that could be really useful for the budding artist seeking inspiration.

Vintage Inventions,  writing desk
Image Credit: oldcatriver / Imgur

3. These outdoor wood stoves were made to help us do a great number of things, like produce syrup. Once you are done with that, you can even cook pancakes in it.

Vintage Inventions, outdoor wood stoves
Image Credit: Imgur

4. A vintage radiator with a food warmer. You can use it for warming pies.

Vintage Inventions, radiator
Image Credit: Reddit

5. Splayds were popular as a wedding gift in the late 1960s and were an eating utensil that worked as a combination of a knife, a fork, and a spoon.

Vintage Inventions,

6. With this neat cooking rack, you could roast marshmallows over a fire in your backyard or even prepare an entire feast outside.

Vintage Inventions, cooking rack
Image Credit: Acid Cow

7. This is a “Mushroom hunting basket” cane that can be taken when you are off on a hike. This cane/bucket stays upright while you gather mushrooms with two hands.

Vintage Inventions, cane

8. Before McDonald's, there was the automat. These giant, wall-sized vending machines could dispense sandwiches and even hot meals along with pies and other desserts. Now wouldn't that be cool to have today?

Vintage Inventions,

9. A perfect reading chair for book lovers. You wouldn't want to put a book down while sitting on this chair.

Vintage Inventions, reading chair
Image Credit: vladgrinch / Reddit

10. The hydrocycle combined the fun of a bike with the power of a boat. This particular vehicle had become popular in the early 20th century and was used essentially as a bicycle-like watercraft. Over the years, the vehicle has seen many transformations but the vintage one is still so cool. 

Vintage Inventions, hydrocycle

11. Here's an old version of the Amphibious cycle. You could switch from water to land without leaving your seat while riding on it!

Vintage Inventions, Amphibious cycle

12. These Japanese dolls, known as the Karakuri puppet, were originally made between the 17th and the 19th centuries to walk and serve tea. The word Karakuri means “mechanism” or “trick". These mechanized dolls were also used in theaters to stage and demonstrate plays.

Vintage Inventions, Japanese dolls

13. This old secret sink folds into the wall. What a space-saver it can be for so many homes, right? 

Vintage Inventions, sink
Image Credit: Bureto / Imgur
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