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This Artist Gives Covid-19 Related Objects a New Meaning

 We have previously covered the work of Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya, who crafts miniature scenes out of everyday objects. His ongoing Miniature Calendar series features a tiny scene for every day of the year - sometimes it’s broccoli plying as a tree or rice balls as mountains. The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced new everyday objects into our lives, like masks and rubber gloves, which used to be strange but are now a completely ordinary part of life. To mirror this “new normal” Tatsuya started incorporating them in his work.

In one image the artist turns a disposable mask into a swimming pool and in another, descending lengths of toilet paper are transformed into ski slopes. These virus-related objects, which usually put us in a serious mood, are turned into fun, exciting landscapes at the hands of the talented Tatsuya.

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