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18 Translation Fails That Will Make You Roll in the Aisles

 Why bother translating something into English if you know for a fact that you can't do it well? That's a reasonable question to ask, but some people strongly disagree, it appears. English is the lingua franka, after all. While it often may be painful to read spelling mistakes and broken English, we must also appreciate just how hilarious the results of these typos can be!
Take these 18 signs and disclaimers we've collected for you, for example. These translation fails contain statements and typos so ridiculous and outrageous it's actually very funny! A big thank you to their creators who didn't let their lack of language proficiency stop them and made us all smile today.

1. I'm pretty sure socialist dancing won't protect you from Covid-19

Translation Fails socialist dancing
Image Source: Reddit

2. Okay... what is it, then?

3. Beware of the explosive dog!

Translation Fails explosive dog
Image Source: Reddit

4. These are Bob's pins!

Translation Fails Bob pin
Image Source: Reddit

5. It's quite difficult to find a table cover for a "rectandular" table

Translation Fails rectandular table
Image Source: Reddit

6. Don't you dare touch those veggies!

Translation Fails private vegetables
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

7. I've always wondered what to do with those plimples... turns out you just have to droww them!

Translation Fails how to draww a plimple
Image Source: Reddit

8. Hmm... are you 100% sure about that?

Translation Fails speack
Image Source: Viralnova

9. The person who designed this shirt seems to be in the midst of an existential crisis

Translation Fails nobody seems to understand this project shirt
Image Source: Viralnova

10. We will never know if the floor was or wasn't wet... 

Translation Fails wet floor
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

11. A very odd thing to prohibit...

Translation Fails don't cry
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

12. Let your frustration spill out!

Translation Fails discuss the discomfort
Image Source: Reddit

13. Wang-wanging is so embarrassing! 

Translation Fails wang wang
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

14. I have so many questions, but no answers

Translation Fails remainder
Image Source: Reddit

15. One little spelling mistake... such a drastic change in meaning!

Translation Fails pee shoots
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

16. We appreciate the honesty

Translation Fails explodes the intestines
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

17. ... If you say so?

Translation Fails the place of prayer toilet
Image Source: Instagram

18. A wise piece of advice!

Translation Fails don't eat the carpet
Image Source: thelanguagenerds

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