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10 Admirable Before and After Kitchen Transformations!

 Looking at room renovations and transformations is one of our favorite things in the world, especially when you can compare before and after pictures side by side and see just how much the room has changed as a result. But being amazed isn't the only experience you can have while looking at home renovations, as these transformations can actually teach us a lot about interior design and how we can make our own homes look more homey, attractive, and how to maintain a property's worth over time. So, let's take a look at these 10 cool kitchen renovations and see what they have to teach us! 

1. You don't have to change everything to upgrade your kitchen

Before and After Kitchen Transformations blue kitchen
Image Source and Cover Image: Photography by MAZI/ Facebook
The owners of this kitchen replaced only the key items, which they thought were making their kitchen appear dated and small, namely the tiling and the kitchen furniture, but they kept the same oven and fridge.

2. Go for a monochromatic look

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Don't underestimate the power and space that can be created by maintaining a monochromatic and minimalistic look in your kitchen. The simple design of this black and white kitchen consists of clean lines and looks virtually timeless! 

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3. No need to separate the space with a wall

Before and After Kitchen Transformations wall kitchen
Why have a useless wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room and living room? After all, all it does is takes up precious space in the room. If you still want some sense of separation between the rooms, simply put a countertop or table where the wall used to be, preferably of a light color to create visual space, just like they did in the image above!

4. Don't be afraid of texture

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While an excessive abundance of color and texture may make your kitchen look too busy, using patterns and textures in a smart way can actually upgrade your kitchen. In the photo above, for example, they've used furniture with a natural wooden finish and wicker baskets and chandeliers to imbue the kitchen with some character. Also, note that all these elements are in light colors - this helps to really tie the room together!

5. Getting rid of a few cabinets can make your kitchen more spacious

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This kitchen has undergone quite a massive transformation, so much so that's it's hard to believe that we're looking at the same room. However, as you can see, the general layout of this rather small kitchen didn't change much, with one meaningful exception - the overhead cabinets. In the before photo, we can see that there are so many hanging cabinets in this kitchen that they virtually obscure the window. Removing these cabinets and opting for shelves rather than enclosed cupboards really makes the kitchen look more modern and spacious!

6. Light colors can make a room appear more open

Before and After Kitchen Transformations wooden kitchen
In this remodeling project, not only cabinets were removed to give the room a more spacious and open look. They've also replaced the wooden furniture with white cabinets and the kitchen island with a white one to lift and visually expand the room. One of the main rules we can learn from all these cool remodeling projects is to not be afraid of white in a kitchen.

7. Mix and match styles to make your kitchen look homier

Before and After Kitchen Transformations green kitchen
If you love flowers, vintage furniture and color, and a minimalistic kitchen reminds you more of a hospital than a home, there's definitely a way to incorporate fun elements into a kitchen's design. That's exactly what they did here - they've made the furniture and chairs have the same off-white color to make the room more open and cohesive. But they've also added interesting metal handles and knobs to the furniture, threw in a rug, and the centerpiece - a gorgeous round vintage table to make the kitchen more fun and homey.

8. When in doubt, maintain a cohesive look using the same color

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A post shared by Heidi Yonago (@yonagohome) on

The main beginner's mistake when remodeling a home is the lack of cohesion. You might pick all new furniture, tiling, and kitchen appliances, you might even like all of them a lot, but when you combine them all, the result can be underwhelming... and often even kitschy.

This is because you have to always think of a unifying theme or element that would marry all the separate elements in a kitchen, and the easiest and most controllable element is color. Just look at the before and after photos of the kitchen above - the light grey color really unifies and makes the room look cohesive.

9. You don't have to change the furniture to revamp your kitchen

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In the majority of examples we've featured previously, the kitchen furniture was swapped out for a new set, but many will know that furniture is one of the biggest investments when renovating a kitchen. If you want to give your cabinets a fresh and new look and make your kitchen look much better, you can achieve that goal easily by just painting and changing up the handles and knobs. This is exactly what they did here - they've simply repainted the top cabinets, and voila, they instantly look brand new and modern.

10. Decluttering goes a long way!

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A post shared by Michelle Fenelius (@rusticnglamdup) on

Here, too, the owners decided to repaint their old furniture, but they switched up the floor, tiling, the backsplash, and the dishwasher. However, the main change we see here is in the amount of stuff stored in the kitchen. In the before picture, there were too many decorative elements scattered all over the countertops, which really left no space for food preparation.

It's fine to love your trinkets and beautiful decorations, but it's smart to confine them to only one area in the room like they did in the after photo. This way, you'll have all the room you need to make food and do the dishes, and it looks neater, too!

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