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When People Were So Hungry They Saw Food Everywhere

 There are times when all of us get such intense hunger pangs that we can’t stop ourselves from thinking about food every second of the day. Well, it turns out we aren’t alone. The collection of pictures we have shared below is from different people from all over the world who saw food even in common everyday items. From a candle that looks like a delicious dessert to turtles that look like oranges, these are indeed some amazing pictures of common things that really appear to be different food items. Check them out.

1. Wow! What delicious dessert is this? 
“Uh… It’s actually a candle”

Things Looked Like Food, dessert
Image Credit: SoupSeeker / reddit

2. Craving a tortilla? You can have as many as you want here…

Things Looked Like Food, tortilla
Image Credit: Etienne15 / reddit

3. When you are craving a burger so much that you see ground beef in an innocent mop.

Things Looked Like Food, ground beef

4. Are these oranges? Or are they turtles? 

Things Looked Like Food, oranges
Image Credit: InfernalDeath / reddit

5. The reflection of these about-to-be-made cookies looks like a giant chocolate chip cookie!

Things Looked Like Food,  cookies
Image Credit: robije / reddit

6. Wait, is that the world’s biggest burrito? Or just a stained tarp?

Things Looked Like Food, biggest burrito
Image Credit: SirNimbus / reddit

7. This bird looks like a fresh banana, doesn't it? 

Things Looked Like Food,  banana

8. That's just a piece of rock. Not a piping hot steak for you to eat...

Things Looked Like Food, steak

9. Missing some shawarma? Here you go then!

Things Looked Like Food, shawarma
Image Credit: Zekey3 / reddit

10. Here's a giant bucket of mac and cheese for you.

Things Looked Like Food,  mac ’n cheese

11. Now that's a green and very lively salad!

Things Looked Like Food, salad
Image Credit: adamantcheese / reddit

12. No, that's not a giant tortilla. That's just rusted metal paint.

Things Looked Like Food, tortilla
Image Credit: Panzer_Man / reddit

13. So which pizza slice do you want out of the three? Hurry up!

Things Looked Like Food, pizza slice
Image Credit: chiggo / reddit

14. A gummy lizard, anyone?

Things Looked Like Food,  lizard

15. Why does the inside of this tennis ball look like it’s made of chocolate?

Things Looked Like Food, tennis ball  chocolate
Image Credit: yash_chem / reddit
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