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These Are Common Animals But With Some Unusual Features

 The natural world is full of remarkable and extraordinary members. You must have come across photos of rare and bizarre animals from time to time, such as the Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, the Markhor goat, and the Colugo, to name a few. However, sometimes even some common animals can develop some truly unique features.
In this collection of photos, you will get to witness an array of animals who appear to be real wonders of nature. From a kitten with 26 toes to a rabbit with tiger stripes, these animals really stand out from the rest. Take a look. 

1. This handsome ram has an extra set of horns.

17 Rare Animals, ram

2. Wow! Look at the paws of this cat! It's as if they are made for swimming. 

17 Rare Animals,  cat
Image credit: OttoManSatire / reddit

3. The Ardennais or Ardennes is one of the oldest breeds of draft horses. They originate from the Ardennes area in Belgium and date back to Ancient Rome.

17 Rare Animals, draft horse
Image credit: Shalamarr / reddit

4. This fish totally transformed its color in just two months.

17 Rare Animals, fish
Image credit: justme4141 / reddit

5. This cat appears to have a really great mustache! 

17 Rare Animals, cat
Image credit: DanSandy / imgur

6. A Bashkir curly horse that looks like a sand sculpture. 

17 Rare Animals, Bashkir curly horse
Image credit: sociallover / reddit

7. Meet the Brahma Chicken - the “King of All Poultry”. This giant bird is one of the most interesting chicken breeds created by humans and can grow almost 30 inches large.

17 Rare Animals, Brahma Chicken
Image credit: Atoms_Apple / reddit

8. This adorable six-week-old kitten has as many as 26 toes!

17 Rare Animals, kitten

9. Whoa! Look at the golden fur on this tiny mouse. This is a satin texel mouse. The satin gene makes them shiny and they can be of any color. There are ones that look silver, too.

17 Rare Animals, mouse

10. A close-up shot of a reindeer’s eyes. They turn blue so that the animal can see easier and better in low light.

17 Rare Animals,

11. A Dachshund Dalmatian. We bet you’ve never seen one like this before.

17 Rare Animals, Dachshund Dalmatian

12. When you find the perfectly matching animal buddy...

17 Rare Animals,
Image credit:  BasedOnAir / reddit

13. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes… And sometimes in matching colors, too!

17 Rare Animals, Friendship
Image credit: R93murph / reddit

14. This dog was born with a rare skin condition causing a little black mark to appear on his face. And it still looks handsome and adorable.

17 Rare Animals, dog

15. The shell of this turtle looks like a beautiful piece of modern art.  She's a 7-year old Carolina Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin centrata) named Cleopatra. 

17 Rare Animals, turtle
Image credit: jgturtleman / reddit

16. This pigeon looks so royal and elegant! 

17 Rare Animals, pigeon

17. A unique rabbit that seems to have stripes like that of a tiger… 

17 Rare Animals, rabbit
Image credit: Bright Side
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