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The Home of the Future As Imagined by the People of the Past

 As we've proudly shown you in a previous article titled How People in the Past Imagined the Future, the previous generations had quite a peculiar perspective on the technologies we should already possess and use in the 21st century. But it turns out that these imaginative and frankly overenthusiastic views could definitely be also extended to the interior of an average home, with previous generations of designers and inventors envisioning a home with ray-powered sanitation chambers instead of showers, self-heating countertops in place of a stove, and many other wondrous inventions we, too, wish we had by now.
The interior designers at Angie's list decided to take all of these amazing interior design features our ancestors have imagined and put them together into 6 complete room designs. Here they are, let us walk you through each room:

1. The Dressing Room

Home of the Future As Imagined by the People of the Past The Dressing Room
Image Source: Angie's List
In the distant 1900s, the idea of the dressing room that has robotic arms that brush, clean, and groom you while you sit in a chair was first invented, an idea that would soon be a constant feature in cartoons and films envisioning the future. Notice the tape-recorder like device next to the armchair - this is a tape player that's supposed to allow the user to select from a few ready-to-wear looks for those days you're in a rush. 
Although this is far from the reality in the early 2000s, we do have a wide range of grooming tools and devices that didn't exist at the beginning of the previous century, such as a hairdryer and the like, so it's not completely out of the ballpark.

2. The Living Room

Home of the Future As Imagined by the People of the Past The Living Room
Image Source: Angie's List
How do you envision the most convenient and amazing living room of the future? Well, we're willing to bet that it's nothing like the innovation suggested in 'Popular Mechanics' in the 1950s, as their idea of the next big living room innovation waiting to happen as... waterproofing.
Everything, starting from the couch, to the floors, and even the curtains would be made of plastic and synthetic fibers and become water-resistant. All the busy housewives of the 2000s would have to do to clean the room would be to hose down the room with plenty of water, and the excess water would run down the hole in the middle of the room. Needless to say, that idea is quite silly. 

3. The Bathroom

Home of the Future As Imagined by the People of the Past The Bathroom
Image Source: Angie's List
When it comes to the bathroom of 2015, it would become a lot more than just an ordinary bathroom according to the makers of the iconic film 'Back to the Future II" back in the 1980s. This new and improved bathroom would also be fitted with a computerized family diagnosis and medical treatment center (seen on the wall).
Instead of a shower, people would use a water-free sanitation chamber that uses steam-spray and lasers to wash you clean. What can we say? We just wish scientists would come up with all these inventions asap!

4. The Bedroom

Home of the Future As Imagined by the People of the Past The Bedroom
Image Source: Angie's List
This interior was created in the 1960s by the famous interior designer Joe Colombo, who thought that the homes of the future would be a huge open space divided into sleeping, living, and kitchen zones. When it comes to the bedroom area specifically, it would look like an enclosed sleeping pod completed with a bathroom and wardrobe. Open space environments are, in fact, very popular these days, granted they don't look much like Colombo's groovy interior here.

5. The Game Room

Home of the Future As Imagined by the People of the Past The Game Room
Image Source: Angie's List
Slightly later, in the 1970s, Paul Alexander designed this interactive gaming room, where the digital world would be mixed with reality. Swimming pools would be set up with gaming screens on the perimeter so that you could swim up and directly play pinball. The large bowl-like sofa, in turn, would be situated right next to the multimedia center. Alas, most of us are still waiting for our gaming rooms today, but truthfully, most people are able to replace that entire room with just one handheld smartphone these days. 

6. The Kitchen

Home of the Future As Imagined by the People of the Past The Kitchen
Image Source: Angie's List
The kitchen is the last room featured on this list. This specific design comes from the 1950s, and some of its most notable features are disposable plastic plates and silverware that dissolve in hot water, as well as a rotating cylindrical fridge that can be loaded directly from the garage to avoid having to carry heavy grocery bags.
Lastly, this kitchen is fitted with a glass dome oven, as well as self-heating countertops that are touch activated. While some of these ideas, like the single-use cutlery may strike you as terribly wasteful and bad for the environment, many of us would surely appreciate that cylindrical fridge and some of those other neat inventions.
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