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12 Hilarious Animals Expressing Genuine Emotion

 Don't you sometimes wish people could talk to animals and understand what's going on in their heads? We sure do, especially when it comes to our pets. That way, we could finally tell the cat to stop scratching the couch and explain to the neighbor's dog that the lawn is not his potty! But while we don't have the technology to make this communication possible, all we can do is guess what's going on in those noggins of theirs. And while in some cases, this kind of guesswork is highly speculative, let's say, at other times, it's pretty clear what emotions the animal is experiencing. In these 12 cases, no guesswork is necessary, as it's pretty clear that these adorable little animals are having a good time, and it's absolutely adorable!

1. Oregon Zoo workers took this elephant on a walk to meet other animals. The sea animals were obviously his favorite

Emotional Animals elephant
Image Source: Reddit

2. This nuzzle attack is unbearable!

3. That feeling when you're finally in bed...

Emotional Animals pitbull
Image Source: Reddit

4. These two just met today and they're best friends already!

5. The love is obvious

Emotional Animals kitten and guy
Image Source: Reddit

6. Brain Freeze!

Emotional Animals Brain Freeze
Image Source: Reddit

7. Defeated But Not Destroyed

Emotional Animals Ferret
Image Source: Reddit

8. Just look at these two buddies

Emotional Animals goat lamb
Image Source: Reddit

9. Someone is clearly enjoying the ride

Emotional Animals ride
Image Source: Reddit

10. Just a duckling enjoying his bath time

Emotional Animals duckling
Image Source: Reddit

11. The quokka is the happiest animal on the planet

Emotional Animals quokka
Image Source: Reddit

12. Look at this groomed good boi!

Emotional Animals good boi
Image Source: Reddit

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