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15 Proverbs That Translate Hilariously into English!

 Proverbs and idioms should never be taken literally, as even in their original language, they have a purely metaphorical and intend to offer a vivid and exaggerated description of a certain subject. So, when we say “you’ll bust a gut laughing”, we don’t actually wish you ill health. On the contrary, the phrase promises a good and fun time!
But when two people from different countries communicate, they might end up understanding proverbs and idioms literally, which can end up in some pretty weird and (usually) funny situations. Here are 15 phrases and idioms that don’t translate that well into English because they sound absolutely bizarre, mind-boggling, and hilarious! And yes, they will have you bust a gut!

1. German - Sie spielt die beleidigte Leberwurst.

Funny Foreign Idioms German

2. Chinese - Yí gè zài chuáng shàng chī bǐng gān de nán rén xǐng lái gǎn jué hěn  zāo gāo.

Funny Foreign Idioms Chinese

3. Hungarian - Apád nem volt üveges!

Funny Foreign Idioms Hungarian

4. Russian - Вешать лапшу на уши.

Funny Foreign Idioms Russian

5. Latvian - Pūst pīlītes.

Funny Foreign Idioms Latvian

6. French - S’occuper de ses oignons.

Funny Foreign Idioms French

7. Portuguese - Quem não tem cão caça com gato.

Funny Foreign Idioms Portuguese

8. German - Sie hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank.

Funny Foreign Idioms German

9. Swedish

Funny Foreign Idioms Swedish

10. Norwegian - Å skrive noe bak øret.

Funny Foreign Idioms Norwegian

11. Tamil - Thanneer Kaattuthal.

Funny Foreign Idioms Tamil

12. Chinese - Yòng yígè kuàizi chīfàn de rén shì è de.

Funny Foreign Idioms Chinese

13. Polish

Funny Foreign Idioms Polish

14. Ukrainian - Хоч на хвіст собаці лий.

Funny Foreign Idioms Ukrainian

15. Kenyan proverb

Funny Foreign Idioms Kenyan
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