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These Innovative Designs Will Come In Handy In Every City

With the population of the world increasing rapidly literally every day, living in crowded cities can often be hectic and chaotic. However, every city in the world strives to make the life of its citizens better through smart innovative plans and objects. Here, we will present to you a collection of helpful designs that every city in the world should take note of. They are practical, simple, and help make people’s (and sometimes animals') lives much easier. Take a look.

1. Trash can with a recycling bottle rack.

Useful Designs, Trash can
Image credit: Imgur

2. “The Green Man Plus”- this design provides seniors and handicapped people a longer time to cross the road by just tapping a card.

Useful Designs,

3. A ramp that helps ducks get into the water easily. 

Useful Designs, ramp
Image credit: JawsGoneWild / reddit

4. When you sit on this bench, you can also take note of the useful exercises mentioned to maintain your fitness.

Useful Designs, bench
Image credit: cyclemonster / reddit

5. A bicycle escalator to help cyclists go up steep hills.

Useful Designs,  bicycle escalator

6. A foot-operated hand sanitizer that would come in handy in these times.

Useful Designs, hand sanitizer
Image credit: 2ndSuckz / reddit

7. A payphone booth that has been transformed into a defibrillator station.

Useful Designs, defibrillator
Image credit: Egreaves14 / reddit

8. This button helps students signal the bus to wait for them. Pretty handy for those students who are always late, huh?

Useful Designs, students to signal the bus
Image credit: Olo-Meister / reddit

9. This water fountain informs you exactly how many bottles you have saved by using it.

Useful Designs, water fountain

10. Composter for dog poop. Won’t that be useful for every dog owner?

Useful Designs, Composter for dog poop
Image credit: moon-doggy / reddit

11. Speaking of dogs. Here's a tiny water fountain that your furry friends can use when you take them outside for a walk.

Useful Designs, water fountain
Image credit: pie_ella / reddit

12. These benches can be turned into tables at your convenience. 

Useful Designs, benches

13. These bike ramps will allow you to climb up the stairs without making the effort of lifting your bike.

Useful Designs, bike ramps

14. A wheelchair access mat at the beach. 

Useful Designs, wheelchair
Image credit: kalinkabeek / reddit
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