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These Comedy Pet Photography Awards Entries Are Adorable

 Anyone who has had pets would know that they can sometimes indulge in the most adorable and hilarious antics. Our animal friends like to lead life by their own rules, without a care in the world. And that leads to some unforgettable and at times ridiculously funny moments. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards attempts to compile the very best of such hilarious photos of people's pets being funny and endearing at the same time.
Apart from making you laugh, this award also has another noble motive. 10% of all entry and sponsorship fees will be used to support the UK-based animal charity Blue Cross.
Now, let’s take a look at some of the best entries from this contest. The amusing shenanigans of these pets will surely put a smile on your face.

1. He just wants to soak in all the fun...

Funny Pets,
"Super Happy Dog" by Dean Pollard

2. "No! You can't enter the house without my permission."

Funny Pets, dogs
"Can You Spare A Few Minutes Of Your Time?" by Sally Billam

3. "Well, I am going to swallow this whole..."

Funny Pets, cat
"Vegetarian Cat" by Ivan Studenic

4. "Psst! Is he going to drop that treat or not?"

Funny Pets, Guinea pigs
"Guinea pigs Doing Tricks" by Isabelle Merriman

5. These cats are following social distancing better than us! 

Funny Pets,
"Social Distance Meal Order" by Mehmet Aslan 

6. When no one finds your joke funny but you don't care. 

Funny Pets, horse
"Smile" by Mehmet Aslan 

7. When you simply can't get enough of rolling in the snow...

Funny Pets,snow
"Snow Monster" by Magdalena Strakova

8. "And then I told him, 'you are not a very STABLE animal!'"

Funny Pets, horse
"Gossip Girls" by Magdalena Strakova

9. They seem to be going on some top-secret mission. 

Funny Pets, dog
"The Shepherd Family Road Trip" by Alice van Kempen

10. Now that's a studious dog!

Funny Pets, studious dog
"Intellectual Dog" by Maria Indurain

11. "What? That's my new robe."

Funny Pets,
"Cat or Snail?" by Sarah Bub

12. This one will surely be a hit in an opera...

Funny Pets,
"Overdramatic Cat" by Iain Mcconnell

13. Just two best friends sharing their stories of the day. 

Funny Pets, friends
"Hunting Dog Drop Out" by Karen Hoglund

14. "Uh! Can we have some privacy please?"

Funny Pets,
"What?" by Svetlana Popova

15.  "Hey, ma! Don't I look handsome?"

Funny Pets,

"Smiley" by Nicole Rayner

Images credit:  Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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