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Frenemies Forever: These Pics of Cats and Dogs Are So Cute

 Since the dawn of time, we have been fed the myth that cats and dogs simply hate each other. But to know the real truth, you need to ask pet owners who have both of these animals in the family. The reality is that these animals might have the odd tiff or two here and there, but they surely can co-exist; albeit with hilarious results sometimes. 
Since both cats and dogs are so different in nature, they can often create some comical situations when they are forced to live together. Here, we will get to see some adorably funny moments of cats and dogs being the awesome frenemies they are.

1. “Yeah, okay, ignore me. I don’t exist, I guess!”

 Cats and Dogs,
Image Source: nanatalada/reddit

2. "Okay, okay, I like you too! Now please stop hugging me."

 Cats and Dogs, hug
Image Source: cjnj/reddit

3. When you are trapped in the middle of an awkward fight and don't know what to do...

 Cats and Dogs, fight, funny
Image Source: cmpriest/twitter

4. "So THIS is who the humans in the house call cute? Okay..."

 Cats and Dogs,
Image Source: SecretAg3nt/reddit

5. "Of course I am grumpy. That was MY sleeping corner!!!"

 Cats and Dogs,sleeping
Image Source: ilovegingermen/reddit

6. Is this the cutest staredown of the year or what?!

 Cats and Dogs, staredown

7. "Well, she said I should sit on something comfy. Soo..."

 Cats and Dogs, sit
Image Source: pulchritude022/imgur

8. When your friend simply can't get enough of you! 

 Cats and Dogs, friend

9. "Mommy!!! I am scared!"

 Cats and Dogs,

10. When your friends ruin your carefully planned selfie...

 Cats and Dogs, selfie
Image Source: panda_nectar/reddit

11. Aww!!! This dog seems to have his own pet. 

 Cats and Dogs,
Image Source: Gabriellogan52/reddit

12. "Hmm... So YOU are the new guest in the house? I see!"

 Cats and Dogs,
Image Source: juliedujour/reddit

13. "He's not going to leave my bed tonight, is he?"

 Cats and Dogs,bed
Image Source: haysalpj/reddit

14. When the owner walked in at the wrong time...

 Cats and Dogs, owner
Image Source: kansa2/reddit

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