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These Night-Time Pics Seize the Ethereal Face of the Skies

 Sometimes, there can be nothing more peaceful than quietly gazing at the night sky. We’ve all experienced this when we are sitting alone in our terrace, balcony, or backyard at night and are trying to simply soak in the twinkling stars in the sky. It can be such a serene experience, right?
If the night sky fascinates you, then these pictures are just for you. Taken by Japanese photographer Nori Yuasa, these mesmerizing night-time shots capture the energy, beauty, and charm of the dark sky perfectly. Amazingly, Yuasa’s works don’t just focus on the sky, they also illuminate the things and structures that appear in the backdrop brilliantly. Let’s take a look at some of the best images taken by the photographer here.

1. Like a stairway to a new galaxy, isn't it? 

Night Sky,  stairway

2. The Milky Way is not beyond our reach...

Night Sky, Milky Way

3. Imagine sitting on that treehouse at night and gazing at the sky!

Night Sky, tree house

4. Who would have thought a lighthouse could create such a majestic effect?

Night Sky, lighthouse

5. Can there be anything more alluring than this night sky dotted with magical colors?

Night Sky,

6. One could just lose themselves in this mesmerizing night sky!

Night Sky, mesmerizing

7. Whoa! Now that is one sight we would all want outside our house at night.

Night Sky,house

8. Has someone put up twinkling lights all over the world? 

Night Sky,

9. The sky is calling out to us...

Night Sky,

10. It's a firefly show, folks! 

Night Sky, firefly

11. Almost feels like someone has painted brushstrokes on the sky.

Night Sky, painted

12. Wow! For a second it appeared as if the sky was on fire! 

Night Sky, fire

13. Sometimes just a picture can make us feel so tranquil and relaxed, right?

Night Sky, home
Images credit: Nori Yuasa
Did you enjoy these pictures? Then you can check out more works of Nori Yuasa's works on his Instagram and Facebook pages.
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