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Get an Amazing Macro View of Unusual Things in These Pics

 There’s something quite captivating about getting an extreme close up view of even some pretty ordinary things. Macro photography, or taking larger-than-life-size pictures of very small subjects, can present a totally different perspective of things we generally consider ordinary. That fruit on your table, the bug on your window sill, and even a simple soap bubble can look extraordinarily fascinating with macro photography
Here, we have compiled a collection of some stunning photographs of ordinary and unusual things that is sure to blow your mind. 

1. Thousands of water droplets stuck on a spider web.

Macro Photos, spider web
Image credit: Rajesh_xr / Reddit

2. An extreme close up shot of salt and pepper.

Macro Photos, salt and pepper

3. Sunrise reflected in raindrops on a car’s roof.

Macro Photos, Sunrise

4. An extreme closeup shot of barbed wire.

Macro Photos,barbed wire

5. This is how a slug's eye looks like from up close!

Macro Photos, slug's eye
Image credit: 0limpero / Reddit

6. These are grains of pollen on the tip of a finger.

Macro Photos grains of pollen
Image credit: VBeneveds / Reddit

7. A close up image of a chameleon's skin. 

Macro Photos, chameleon
Image credit: Sofacamaa192 / Reddit

8. A honeybee covered in zucchini pollen licking off some sugar syrup.

Macro Photos, honeybee
Image credit: Dalantech / Reddit

9. No, that's not some weird plant. Those are the feet of a caterpillar.

Macro Photos, caterpilla

10. Ever wanted to try a black carrot? This is what it looks like on the inside.

Macro Photos, black carrot

11. That's not a newly discovered planet of the solar system. It's a soap bubble!

Macro Photos, soap bubble

12. This is the inside of a red bell pepper.

Macro Photos, red bell pepper.
Image credit: SamStephens / Reddit

13. A macro view of a dandelion flower.

Macro Photos,dandelion flower
Image credit: u/rainbowstar3592
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