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Birds Come to Life In These Breathtaking Portraits

  The beauty of birds never gets old. We have previously shared a variety of breathtaking and unique birds, but this article is a bit different. These dazzling birds are works of art by Rachel Altschuler, who captures the unique personalities of birds through her expressive acrylic paintings. “I have always been passionate about animals — especially birds,” Altschuler explains in her artist statement. “They have such unique energy and spirit about them.”

The artist’s paintings feature a variety of birds including horned owls, barn owls, cardinals, kingfishers, and hummingbirds. Each bird’s whimsical character is captured through Altschuler’s expressive brushstrokes, and the artist points out that she pays special attention to facial features, especially the eyes. “I believe the eyes are truly windows to the soul, so capturing them is the most important aspect of my process”.

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