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These 16 People Shopped Online and Got a Hilarious Surprise!

 It’s no secret that online shopping is a gamble. Sometimes, you get a decent purchase at a discounted price, whereas at other times, paying just a few dollars seems like too much for the merchandise you ended up receiving. All 16 of these unfortunate souls received something completely different from what they initially expected and were essentially scammed by online sellers, but instead of becoming upset and angry, they decided to post their bad and yet somehow incredibly hilarious online shopping experiences on the internet... Because laughter is the best medicine, after all!

1. The cake that was supposed to look like a wedding ring made of roses ended up being eerily reminiscent of a toilet seat...

Online Shopping Fails toilet seat cake
Image Source: Reddit

2. This person ordered the Christmas-themed cat bed in size Large. Things didn't go as planned

Online Shopping Fails cat bed
Image Source: Reddit

3. Reality can be cruel

Online Shopping Fails pink robe
Image Source: Reddit

4. "My boyfriend ordered a pair (the right side is him, that's what we expected.) We have no idea who the other guy is"

Online Shopping Fails socks
Image Source: Reddit

5. This woman ordered a dress in size XL and it only fits her dog!

Online Shopping Fails dog fit
Image Source: Facebook

6. "What my sister ordered vs what she got. Guys I'm not playing at all"

Online Shopping Fails bed
Image Source: Twitter

7. This poor woman tried to order wet wipes and this is what she received instead!

Online Shopping Fails wet wipes
Image Source: Twitter

8. Rule number one of online shopping: ALWAYS check the size

Online Shopping Fails dog bone
Image Source: Reddit

9. We can confidently say this one didn't go as planned...

Online Shopping Fails face mask
Image Source: Reddit

10. They didn't even try to recreate this prom dress accurately

Online Shopping Fails prom dress
Image Source: Twitter

11. Instead of a knit sweater, this woman received a printed picture of the sweater on mesh fabric!

Online Shopping Fails mesh sweater
Image Source: Reddit

12. The marvels of online shopping!

Online Shopping Fails headphones
Image Source: Reddit

13. Instead of two foldable recliners, this person got these!

Online Shopping Fails
Image Source: Reddit

14. Rule number two of online shopping: NEVER buy underwear. Here's why:

Online Shopping Fails underwear
Image Source: Reddit

15. Well, at least this guy got two hopefully functioning showerheads

Online Shopping Fails showerheads
Image Source: Reddit

16. Expectation vs Reality

Online Shopping Fails cutting board
Image Source: Reddit
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