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12 Magical Embroideries of Cute Butterflies and Bumblebees

 Embroidery is one of those rarer art forms, but when done well, they can definitely look just as magical and special as a beautiful painting. One such excellent example of good embroidery are the artworks of British textile artist Emillie Ferris, who hand-stitches the most gorgeous and colorful pictures of butterflies, bumblebees, moths, and mushrooms. Ferris has a specific style, which she calls “needle painting” that makes her embroideries look like paint strokes.
As she mentioned in an interview with Mymodernmet, “It is essentially like painting on a canvas, but rather than using paint, you are using thread.” Admire some of her works below. To see more of Emillie Ferris’ works and embroidery patterns on her Instagram, Website, or Etsy Account.
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