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Music Box: The Unforgettable Hits of the 20th Century

  The 20th century is truly like no other. These hundred years changed and defined society as we know it today, at a speed never seen before. Not only did musical styles transform greatly in accordance with the ever-changing trends and burning social matters, during the 20th-century music became more accessible than ever before. The invention of the gramophone in 1892 and then radio broadcasting in 1920 made music an inseparable part of the lives of people from all walks of life.

Such a tumultuous and packed century is, of course, impossible to cram into one playlist. We did, however, do our best to compile the most unforgettable musical highlights of the 20th century. Enjoy!


Judy Garland 1939
Bill Crosby 1942
The Weavers 1955
Elvis Presley 1956
Buddy Holly and The Crickets 1957
Frank Sinatra 1957
The Supremes 1965
Aretha Franklin 1967
The Beatles 1964
Don McLean 1971
The Beatles 1968
Bee Gees 1977
Blondie 1978
Toto 1982
Bon Jovi 1986
Sinead O'Connor 1990
Oasis 1995
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