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Repurposing These Old Buildings Has Given Them New Life

 Repurposed architecture plays a key role in recycling old buildings and giving them a new lease on life. If you look around closely, you can come across various examples of old buildings having been transformed into something completely different through smart and creative architectural designs. The fact is, when architecture is successfully repurposed, it helps in protecting the identity of the old building into a new age.
In this collection, we present 20 buildings that have been repurposed quite creatively. Take a look at how old churches, banks, prisons, and even police headquarters have been converted into something drastically different yet quite cool.

1. A former theatre in Buenos Aires has been transformed into a bookstore.

Repurposed Buildings, bookstore
Image source: pikindaguy

2. This hotel in Indianapolis was previously a train station. Now, it still has an actual train inside with rooms inside each car.

Repurposed Buildings,train station
Image source: spongecandybandit

3. This building was used for the swimming events at the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. It is now converted into an amazing water park. 

Repurposed Buildings,water park
Image source: Arne Müseler

4. An old WWII era cement factory has been turned into a home.

Repurposed Buildings, cement factory
Image source: boredpanda.com

5. This old church has been repurposed into the Dominicanen bookstore in Maastricht, Netherlands. The place is rated in the top 10 most beautiful bookstores worldwide.

Repurposed Buildings, bookstore
Image source: thetatten

6. The Liberty Hotel in Boston was previously the Charles St Jail. 

Repurposed Buildings, Jail
Image source: Jones508

7. The “Tropical Islands” waterpark in Germany used to be a former airship hangar in Krausnick.

Repurposed Buildings, waterpark

8. An old rusty ship in South Korea has been repurposed into a spectacular building with trees and plants.

Repurposed Buildings, ship
Image source: boredpanda.com

9. This pharmacy store used to be a bank once upon a time. Now its vault is the store’s vitamin section. 

Repurposed Buildings, bank
Image source: jhal2

10. A college in Texas that has been converted from a shopping mall. 

Repurposed Buildings, college
Image source: Colecaliber

11. This old Art Nouveau brewhouse in Germany is now a bar.

Repurposed Buildings, Brewhouse
Image source: justincase96

12. This swimming pool in Surrey is built in an old church.

Repurposed Buildings, swimming pool
Image source: Guardian

13. A fancy new hotel in Wisconsin which once used to be a brewery. 

Repurposed Buildings, brewery
Image source: kimberlymarie3786

14. A hotel in Oxford that has been transformed from a former prison.

Repurposed Buildings, prison
Image source: davekmv

15. A jail that has been turned into an events space in Melbourne, Australia.

Repurposed Buildings, jail
Image source: Showtime Event Group

16. A former courtroom that is now a café in St. Albans, England. The cells have been turned into toilets. 

Repurposed Buildings, courtroom
Image source: JohnnyBizzlesBallers

17. A former FBI New York City Headquarters has been repurposed into a supermarket. However, they kept the safe from the old structure. 

Repurposed Buildings, FBI New York City Headquarters
Image source: RutgersUnion

18. A school library that once used to be a bank. 

Repurposed Buildings, school library
Image source: alisouks

19. This old indoor swimming pool from the 1930s in the Netherlands has been converted into a fancy apartment building. 

Repurposed Buildings, indoor swimming pool
Image source: Mei architects

20. A grocery store in Canada that was once a hockey stadium. 

Repurposed Buildings, hockey stadium
Image source: steeemo
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