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Talented Hair Stylist Bring Out the Natural Beauty in People

 A hairdresser's job involves more than just cutting hair. A good hairdresser has to be able to understand a person's style, facial features, hair type and texture, and many other important details, all in just a few minutes' time. When done correctly, a hairstyle will be able to highlight the beauty of an individual. Jurgita Malakauskaitė, a Lithuanian hairstylist, has a whole system that helps her determine the hair color and hairstyle best suited for her clients. 
And while we don't know what kind of sorcery is involved in this process, what we know for sure is that the resulting transformations are jaw-dropping! She really knows how to highlight the individual natural beauty of every client, inspiring them to be more confident and empowered on the day-to-day. Simply scroll down to witness these 14 amazing before and after pictures that showcase these transformations yourself.
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