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Who Knew Aerial Photography Captures Sports So Beautifully

 Watching Olympic athletes perform or compete is always an impressive sight, but Sydney-based photographer Brad Walls shows us a whole new angle of our favorite sports, quite literally. Walls specializes in aerial photography, and he set out on a project to capture athletes as they practice and prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (now deferred to 2021) using a drone. He mainly focused on synchronized swimming, tennis, gymnastics, and ice skating as these fields look most aesthetically appealing from above. 

“I made this to test the boundaries of aerial photography. The majority of aerial work turns a blind eye to the most beautiful element of our world, being us,” Walls told Bored Panda. His photography truly gives us a new perspective on sports and shines a light on disciplines that get relatively little coverage outside the Olympic season.

To see more of Brad Walls’ work visit his website or Instagram page

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