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14 Animal Guests Who Invited Themselves into People’s Homes

 The various animals in these 14 stories may have shown up to people’s homes uninvited, but they all ended up being the best guests imaginable! Whether you live in the suburbs and you’re used to seeing all kinds of wildlife in your backyard, or you live in a city and the closest thing to a wild animal is your chubby cat when he doesn’t get his treat on time, we’re sure you’ll love seeing these lovely animal pictures and reading the stories behind them! 

1. "So I think we're done with the bird feeder until next winter..."

Animal Guests bears
Image Source: Reddit

2. This baby koala fell out of its mother's pouch, stumbled upon this house, and found a golden retriever to keep warm overnight

Animal Guests  baby koala
Image Source: Reddit

3. “I heard some noise on the porch and went outside to check. There are no raccoons, deer, or other animals like that around here. But this horse came to visit.”

Animal Guests horse
Image Source: Pikabu

4. “Found him on the balcony this morning. Let him in. He started walking around the table and lying down on everything. Then, he yawned and decided to take a nap.”

Animal Guests bat
Image Source: Pikabu

5. “I woke up to a squeaking sound, I went outside to check, and I found this thing, yelling.”

Animal Guests eagle
Image Source: Pikabu

6. Meet Melinda, a baby kangaroo who came to these people injured and never left

Animal Guests kangaroo
Image Source: Facebook

7. "I'm a plumber working in a ceiling void under a leaking shower and I have been greeted by a curious kitty"

Animal Guests curious cat
Image Source: Reddit

8. "I came home and this is whom I saw. No one knows how he got in and where he came from"

Animal Guests cat
Image Source: Pikabu

9. "My wife and I with some of our uninvited but very welcomed wedding guests..."

Animal Guests donkeys
Image Source: Reddit

10. "Our dinner guest on the patio in Colorado Springs, CO"

Animal Guests deer
Image Source: Reddit

11. These baby raccoons are curious they decided to visit this person's backyard

Animal Guests baby raccoon
Image Source: Reddit

12. "I still haven't got used to living in the suburbs. Today, a hawk flew in through the window, and I'm not sure who was more scared - me or him. We barely managed to catch him, fed him some meat, and let him go."

Animal Guests “I’m still not used to living in the suburbs. Today, a hawk flew in and I don’t know who was more scared — him or me. I barely caught him, gave him some meat, and let him go.”
Image Source: Pikabu

13. “This is Jimmy. I don’t know his real name. He comes to my place, screams at my door, I let him in, and feed him. Then, he jumps on my chair to take a nap for a few hours and then leaves in silence.”

Animal Guests Jimmy
Image Source: Pikabu

14. The MOST unexpected guest ever!

Animal Guests
Image Source: Twitter
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