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These Photographers Make Ordinary Places Look Magical

 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder may sound like a cliche, but every hackneyed phrase has some truth to it. The photography of creative duo Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis is a perfect example. The two former architects incorporate seemingly ordinary buildings to create whimsical and interesting compositions, with Devis as the model most of the time. According to Rueda, the pair’s background in architecture has a great influence over their work.

“There’s nothing random or fortuitous in our work,” Rueda reveals. “We get to decide every single element and how it affects the narrative of the image.” At first glance, the compositions of the images may appear simple, but if you look a bit deeper you will realize the amazing precision each shot requires. Because planning is required, each idea starts with a sketch. The effort, as you’re about to see, certainly pays off. To see more of their work you can visit either Daniel or Anna's Instagram pages. 

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