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These Pics Show Why the World Is Such a Beautiful Place

 Given what’s happening everywhere right now, it is likely that you are feeling there’s no good left in the world. Yes, things might be a tad grim at present, but don’t lose heart yet. If you look around closely, you are certain to find several triggers of inspiration that will warm your heart. Here, we present to you a collection of wholesome pictures that tell heartwarming stories. These heartening photos prove once again that the world is indeed a beautiful place to live in, no matter how many ups and downs it goes through every now and then.
Take a look at this collection and you are bound to be smiling by the end. 

1. This 100-year-old woman gives out “pearls of wisdom” for $1 because she just likes people.

Wholesome Stories, kind woman

2.​ This mare lost her foal. Two days later, this foal lost its mother. Then, the two found each other!

Wholesome Stories , animals, horse, baby

3. When this baby began crying during a subway ride, a guy stepped up and played the violin to keep her distracted all through the journey.

Wholesome Stories , baby, music

4. This 3-year-old girl was clearly quite thrilled after catching her first fish.

Wholesome Stories, girl, fish

5. Before she was rescued, this kitty’s ears were cut off. Her foster mom then tailor-made some for her.

Wholesome Stories , kitty

6.​ This stray dog walked into the police station one day. He was rewarded with a job on the force.

Wholesome Stories, dog, police

7. To take care of an orphaned zebra, this keeper wears a special coat with zebra patterns so that the little guy doesn't miss his mother.

Wholesome Stories , zebra, keeper

8. 70 boys shaved their heads to show support to a female classmate with cancer.   

Wholesome Stories, friendship

9. This construction worker created a giant Waldo and hides it every day just so that kids in the hospital nearby can come and find it.

Wholesome Stories, waldo

10. A homeless man who had just one book with him was gifted a Kindle with a couple of hundred books by a stranger. ​

Wholesome Stories , kindness of strangers

11. Two freshwater crawdads were saved by these divers who were hunting for trash and treasure.​

Wholesome Stories, saving animals

12. There is a handrail in Naples that describes the view in braille at a viewpoint.​

Wholesome Stories, braille

13. This diver found a stranger's ashes in the river while diving. He decided to spread it in the water as a mark of respect.

Wholesome Stories, kind stranger

14. Kind neighbors put this bear out to cheer up little kids when they walk by. They also make it a point to change his clothes every day.

Wholesome Stories, good neighbor

Images credit: Acid Cow

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