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Elton John’s Hits Absolutely Stand the Test of Time

 Elton John got his first break as a singer in 1969 with his very first album Empty Sky. Five decades have passed, and the singer-songwriter is now considered an icon, and his music is still loved and celebrated by many. Empty Sky wasn’t the success John probably hoped it would be, but luckily he didn’t let that disappointment distract him and released another album the following year, which included his first hit Your Song.

During the 1970’s Elton John became equally known for his live shows. He dressed in fabulous over-the-top costumes and glasses, the latter is by now seen as his signature accessory. “I dressed more on the humorous side because if I was going to be stuck at the piano for two hours, I was going to make people look at me," the musician said in an interview with W magazine. 

The playlist below contains Elton John’s biggest hits, from the ballads to the tunes that will make you want to get up and dance around the room.


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