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17 Cake Fails That Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh!

 There’s a reason why people keep saying that baking is an art form, and that is because, like any art, baking a cake requires quite a lot of talent, skill, and imagination. Previously, we’ve featured quite a lot of incredibly talented bakers that can make a cake look like a stunning bouquet of flowers or cute animals, but this time, we decided to show you what it looks like when baking goes terribly wrong.
After all, we’ve all had our fair share of cooking disasters somewhere along the way, and the best thing to do in cases like these is to put on a happy expression and laugh it off. All 17 of these baking attempts failed miserably, but somehow, it’s absolutely hilarious!

1. School may be over this year, but that doesn't mean proper spelling is, too...

Cake Fails school's out
Image Source: Instagram

2. When something is supposed to look like a rainbow but ends up looking more like a black hole

Cake Fails rainbow
Image Source: Instagram

3. Well, we actually think everyone deserves a cake after a hard day of weeding!

Cake Fails weeding
Image Source: Instagram

4. This Great Gatsby cake simply doesn't look all that great...

Cake Fails Great Gatsby
Image Source: Imgur

5. Even the cat isn't impressed with this cake!

Cake Fails cat
Image Source: Reddit

6. Expectation versus reality: a great illustration of why attention to detail matters

Cake Fails flowers
Image Source: Reddit

7. Sometimes, things don't pan out from the get-go...

Cake Fails baking fail
Image Source: Instagram

8. I mean, I would've considered giving this one a pass if they said it was a cat, but a LAMB?

Cake Fails lamb
Image Source: Imgur

9. The poor Santa on the right isn't having a particularly cheerful Christmas

Cake Fails
Image Source: Imgur

10. The miserable Chewbacca on the right side also looks a bit chewed-up...

Cake Fails Chewbacca
Image Source: Reddit

11. Cinderella just isn't her usual self, either!

Cake Fails Cinderella
Image Source: Reddit

12. Marble cake icing isn't as foolproof as those YouTube videos will make you believe

Cake Fails marble cake
Image Source: Reddit

13. The princess on the right kinda looks like she's hiding another princess inside her, like those Russian dolls

Cake Fails frozen
Image Source: Reddit

14. This banana bread was so displeased by the cooking skills of its maker, it attempted to spring out of the pan and split the scene

Cake Fails banana bread
Image Source: Instagram

15. Haha, what a "fearsome" predator!

Cake Fails shark
Image Source: Reddit

16. That puzzled facial expression is priceless!

Cake Fails snowman
Image Source: Reddit

17. Congration to you, too, my friend! You made it to the end

Cake Fails congration
Image Source: Imgur
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