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Talented Hair Stylist Inspires Women to Embrace Their Grey Hair

 A significant percentage of women all around the world are used to covering up their grey hair by constantly dyeing it every month or so, a habit that’s been difficult or even impossible to maintain during mass lockdowns. And while a trip to the hairdressers can definitely boost one’s self-esteem, it may also perpetuate the idea that grey hair is undesirable and not beautiful, an idea that’s just not true. In fact, showing off your silver locks can actually make you feel more confident and naturally beautiful, not to mention that it requires less upkeep at the hairdressers.
Professional hairdresser in California Jack Martin made it his goal to empower women with grey hair to embrace their gorgeous silver hair and he continually updates his Instagram page with new amazing transformations. We must say, that the women he worked with look even more confident and lively once they reclaim their natural hair color and texture! We hope these 14 photos will inspire and make women feel more positive about their gray hair, too.
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