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This Artist Puts Her Unique Spin on Old Masters’ Art

 If you’re a fan of art, attention to detail, and fine skill you will appreciate the work of Maria Vasilyaeva. Vasilyeva is a Russian based artist who recreates Renaissance-era portraits in embroidery. Each stitch resembles a stroke, and the work as a whole mirrors the techniques of the old masters. The miniature embroidered portraits decorate purses, brooches, and pendants.  To achieve the affinity with Renaissance art, the artist uses a selection of elegant fabrics and embellishes her works with beading and tassels.

This, combined with perfect proportions and a period-specific color palette give Vasilyava’s work a sense of luxury and antiquity. It is particularly interesting to see the work-in-progress shots, as they reveal the delicate and precise craftsmanship needed for each embroidery. To see more of Maria Vasilyeva’s work you can visit her Instagram page.

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