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20 Breathtaking Photos of Indian Wildlife

 We have recently shared with you the vast variety of fabulous fowls inhabiting South American rainforests. And while the plumage and diversity of the flora and fauna in Peru and Brazil are quite impressive, the Amazonian basin is by far not the only place on our beautiful planet where you can find a multitude of majestic wildlife. In this article, we’ll focus on India, a country with a large territory and diverse ecosystems. From the Himalayas in the north to the Blue Mountains in the south, all of the ecospheres in the country serve as a home to a myriad of animals.
Supreet Sahoo, a famous wildlife photographer who hails from India, photographed some of the most magnificent mammals and birds you can find in the country, from the elusive Melanistic Leopard to the flashy Peafowl. Admire the rich biodiversity of India in 20 supreme photos below.
To view more of Supreet Sahoo's photos, visit his Instagram Page, Website, and Facebook Page.

1. Tiger

Fowls and Mammals of India Supreet Sahoo Tiger

2. Sri Lankan Frogmouth

3. Melanistic Leopard

4. Indian Eagle Owl

5. Indian Leopard

6. Indian Roller

7. Indian Pitta

8. Oriental White-Eye

9. Black-Necked Crane

10. Yellow Bulbul

11. Blue-tailed Bee-Eater

12. Asian-Fairy Bluebird

13. Blackbuck

14. Little Spiderhunter

15. Desert Fox

16. Lesser Flamingo

17. Indian Peafowl

18. Male Peafowls, Also Known As Peacocks, Are the National Bird of India

19. Malabar Trogon

20. Desert Fox

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