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18 Comics That Use Statistics to Describe Life

 A side effect of the pandemic we probably haven’t given too much thought is the fact that graphs, charts, and statistics have become a much greater part of our lives than they were before. They are on the news and online, pretty much everywhere you look. Raf Schoenmaekers, an engineer turned digital artist from Belgium, had noticed this and saw an opportunity to combine his two passions - art and statistics. “I found my niche in statistics and them being (mostly) (ab)used in science, media, politics... And though I intended to steer clear from current affairs, a few months after I started the series, the earth was struck with Corona, media was flooded with statistics, and I couldn't help but touch upon the topic, gently” he explained about his statistics related comics. 

These are 18 of the most entertaining ones. For more information, you can visit Schoenmaekers' Instagram or Facebook

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