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Quiz: What Kind of Lawyer Would You Be?

Your client is on trial for assault and battery. He claims he didn't do it, but confides in you that he actually did. What do you do?
Nothing. He deserves a legal defense no matter what.
Excuse myself from being his lawyer but recommend a replacement.
Get the full story out of him and see where I can twist the facts to get him off.
Get him off and make sure he tells other criminals I'm the lawyer to turn to when you're up against a wall, no matter what you did.
You are prosecuting a man when you find out in secret that he may be innocent. What do you do?
Continue as before. If he is innocent the system will see that and set him free.
Immediately bring to light the new information and ask the judge to acquit him.
Quit the case so I don't lose the trial but keep it to myself.
Tip the other lawyer anonymously so he can get his client off.
A woman wants to hire you to defend her son from being accused of robbery. She swears he didn't do it, but she doesn't have any money. What do you do?
Nothing. If I start working for every person with a sad story I'd starve to death.
Refer her to a friend who does pro bono work.
Nothing. How do I know the son really didn't do it? It sounds like a lot of work getting to the bottom of it.
Take the case and make every effort to win it. She can pay me over years for all I care.
You are in the trial of your life and about to make partner at your firm. One of the partners approaches you and whispers that he knows your judge and could get him to take a bribe, making sure you make partner. What do you do?
Jump at the opportunity, how many people can make sure they get promoted by throwing some money at it?
Refuse. You will not sully myself. You intend to win this trial fair and square.
Refuse and later report both judge and partner to the ethics board.
Agree, but later have second thoughts and feelings of guilt and fear of being caught.
Refuse. You don't have a moral problem with it (who ISN'T corrupt?) but you don't want to spend your own money.
By the Book Lawyer
Righteous Lawyer
Shyster Lawyer
Ambulance Chaser
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