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24 Photos Highlight the Beauty of Buildings in the World

  Architecture is one of the most ancient arts in the world, with each corner of our planet and each era in human history being represented in a characteristic architectural style. Celebrating the vast diversity and undeniable beauty of all these different architectural styles and highlighting the unique charisma of some of the most noteworthy buildings in the world is a recent photography competition by Agora images. We have selected 24 of the most noteworthy entries of the competition, including architectural marvels from different places around the world, starting the list of these stunning images with the winner of the contest - a photograph of the Golden Bridge in Vietnam - one of the most famous and beautiful bridges on Earth.

1. Winner: Golden Bridge

Location: Danang, Vietnam
Agora Architecture Contest Winner: Golden Bridge
Image Source: trantuanviet/ Agora

2. Water

Location: Malaysia

Agora Architecture Contest Water
Image Source: siang425/ Agora

3. ​Castlemania!

Location: Eltz Castle, Mayen-Koblenz, Germany

4. Sharjah

Location: Sharjah, UAE

Agora Architecture Contest Sharjah
Image Source: joao.galamba/ Agora

5. Low Fog In Moscow

Location: Ostankino district, Moscow, Russia

Agora Architecture Contest Low Fog In Moscow
Image Source: poletaev.photo/ Agora

6. Chinese New Year In Singapore

Location: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Chinatown, Singapore

Agora Architecture Contest Chinese New Year In Singapore
Image Source: ghislainfave/ Agora

7. Inception

Location: Petrovskiy Track Palace, Moscow, Russia

Agora Architecture Contest Inception
Image Source: Borsch/ Agora

8. Urban Grid, Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Agora Architecture Contest Urban Grid, Barcelona
Image Source: leemumford8/ Agora

9. A Cold Winter Day

Location: Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

Agora Architecture Contest A Cold Winter Day
Image Source: lucacornago/ Agora

10. Fort Alexander I

Location: Kronstadt, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Agora Architecture Contest Fort Alexander I
Image Source: nikybwd/ Agora

11. Surrounded By 72 Buddha Statues - The Great Candi Borobudur

Location: Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia

Agora Architecture Contest Surrounded By 72 Buddha Statues - The Great Candi Borobudur
Image Source: chaksproject/ Agora

12. Petare​

Location: Petare, Caracas, Venezuela

Agora Architecture Contest Petare
Image Source: donaldobarros/ Agora

13. Monument Sunset

Location: Emperor William Monument, Porta Westfalica, Germany

Agora Architecture Contest Monument Sunset
Image Source: marfle/ Agora
14. Modern Lookups

Location: Vienna, Austria

Agora Architecture Contest Modern Lookups
Image Source: seplb/ Agora

15. Flat Iron Building

Location: New York City, USA

Agora Architecture Contest Flat Iron Building
Image Source: øystein/ Agora

16. Arundel Folly 

Location: Hiorne Tower Arundel West Sussex, UK

Agora Architecture Contest Arundel Folly
Image Source: bear.martin/ Agora

17. The Vessel

Location: New York City, USA

Agora Architecture Contest The Vessel
Image Source: imkaphotos/ Agora

18. Urban Geometry

Location: Moscow, Russia

Agora Architecture Contest Urban Geometry

19. Light Through The Dragon’s Gate

Location: Hong Kong

Agora Architecture Contest Light Through The Dragon’s Gate
Image Source: blairsugarman1/ Agora

20. Running Under The Storto

Location: Milan, Italy

Agora Architecture Contest Running Under The Storto

21. Bottle Opener And Needle

Location: Shanghai, China

Agora Architecture Contest Bottle Opener And Needle
Image Source: panvelvet/ Agora

22. Lonely House

Location: Crimea, Russia

Agora Architecture Contest Lonely House
Image Source: artempikalov/ Agora

23. Matsumoto Castle In The Land Of The Rising Sun

Location: Matsumoto, Japan

Agora Architecture Contest Matsumoto Castle In The Land Of The Rising Sun
Image Source: janreyem/ Agora

24. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Location: Bristol, UK
Agora Architecture Contest Clifton Suspension Bridge
Image Source: tom.bridges/ Agora
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