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Fed Up Of Corona? See These Uplifting Illustrated Stories

 Aren’t you feeling depressed and mentally drained from the relentless onslaught of negative stories that have invaded our lives ever since the coronavirus outbreak began? It isn’t that negative news wasn’t a part of our daily lives before, but these last few months have been especially distressful with regular reports of deaths and misery from all over the world. Suddenly, it appears as if a pall of gloom is hanging over all of us.

In times like these what will help is some good news to brighten your day. A website named 'The Happy Broadcast' is attempting to do that by collecting positive and happy news stories from around the world and illustrating them beautifully. This anti-negative news portal primarily focuses on inspiring stories through illustrated art and is headed by artist Mauro Gatti

Here is a collection of some genuinely positive and uplifting illustrated news stories from The Happy Broadcast dedicated exclusively to the coronavirus pandemic. These will surely bring a smile to your face in these grim times. 

#1. Illustrated News Stories , sea turtles

#2. Illustrated News Stories , doctors

#3. Illustrated News Stories , scientists

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