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These Age Old Vintage Objects Are Still In Great Condition

 A lot of us have some really old items in our house that we don’t even give a second glance to. It might be an antique watch or chair your great-grandparents used or some other vintage item that doesn’t catch your fancy. However, these objects from the past are fascinating and can at times really surprise you with how well they manage to operate even now. 

There are many people out there who have managed to preserve some centuries-old tools and gadgets of their ancestors in their homes. To their pleasant surprise, many of those old items that still work amazingly well. Here, we bring to you some really old vintage tools that have managed to stand the test of time and are still in great condition. 

1. A Kitchen Aid mixer from the 1960s that works great even today.

Vintage Things , Kitchen Aid mixer

2. A 100-year-old iron in perfect condition that works without electricity. 

Vintage Things , 100-year-old iron
Image Source: Bright Side
3. A 117-year-old Peugeot coffee grinder.
Vintage Things , 117-year-old Peugeot coffee grinder.
Image Source: © gnaark / Reddit  

4. A 140-year-old pocket watch from the Ottoman Empire that still works. 

Vintage Things , 140-year-old pocket watch from the Ottoman EmpireImage Source: Imgur

5. Vintage Icebox fridge from the 19th century.

Vintage Things , Vintage Icebox fridge from the 19th cent

6. An antique piggy bank slot machine from Las Vegas.

Vintage Things ,  piggy bank slot machine from Las Vegas
Image Source: Imgur

7. A rare typewriter from the 1950s that was used for writing sheet music.

Vintage Things , typewriter from the 1950s

8. A 100-year-old waffle iron that functions properly even now. 

Vintage Things , 100-year-old waffle iron

9. A vintage steampunk lamp in great condition.

Vintage Things ,  steampunk lamp

10. A pencil sharpener that is more than a century old.

Vintage Things , pencil sharpener

11. A working sewing machine from the 1950s.

Vintage Things , sewing machine from the 1950s

12. A tube radio from the 1940s that still offers superb sound. 

Vintage Things , tube radio from the 1940s
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