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How to Give Yourself a Haircut During Social Distancing

 Some people spend full days in their pajamas during quarantine, while others find it makes them feel better to get dressed for the day. The same goes for hair cuts. It's already been over a couple of weeks, and some of you are getting restless for that trim. Hair maintenance can give us some of that lost sense of control back. Or maybe a sense of normalcy. When you can’t visit family or friends, go to the movies, and hardly even go out for a walk - keeping your haircut in shape can be one of the only things you can control, something that reminds you of how things were before the pandemic. And of course, it just makes us more presentable during those Zoom meetings
While most experts advise against taking on complicated DIY projects like heat styling or color treatment, giving yourself a trim is a perfectly possible mission. However, it does require much care, as even elementary home haircuts have a notorious reputation for ending in tears. To avoid such a scenario, we have collected for you the best tips on how to do it, including video tutorials for both men and women.

How to Cut Men’s Hair At Home

How to Cut Men’s Hair At Home haircut

What you’ll need: a basic clipper kit with attachments, scissors (preferably shears and not kitchen scissors).

1. Make sure your hair is completely dry when you begin. Wet hair stretches, so if you cut it wet, it will shrink once it’s dry, and you will end up with shorter hair than you planned.
2. Lift your hair from the scalp in a 90-degree angle and cut the ends off, then let it fall back in place.
3. After you have removed some bulk, you can tidy it up by using a long length clipper guard.
4. Separate the hair, from the highest point of the hairline along the forehead, referred to as the recession point.
5. Hold the clipper at an angle that’s pointing up and backward. Turn it on, and hold it flat against your skin. Start at the bottom and move upwards. Be very cautious, and try to clean the edges of your existing hairline rather than create a new one.
6. If you wish, you can go further up with your clipper, as shown in the second video below.
7. As for the back part, this one can be tricky. If you have a three-way mirror, it can do the trick. You can also make an impromptu one by placing three mirrors next to each other in the right angles. Of course, if you're quarantining with someone else, you can always ask them for help.

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Video Tutorials

How to Tidy Up Around Your Hairline Without Touching the Length on Top


How to Do A Full Haircut, Including the Length

How to Cut Women’s Hair At Home

How to Cut Women’s Hair At Home woman cuts her own hair

What you’ll need: Fine-tooth comb, a few hair clips, and scissors. Do try to get shears and NOT use kitchen scissors if possible. The sharp and precise blades make it much easier to get a clean edge and get rid of split ends.
1. Unlike men’s hair, it is highly recommended for women to wash their hair prior to cutting it!
2. After washing and towel drying your hair, it is time to section it. First, create a divide between the front and the back. Then split the back section into two new sections. This will give you much more control rather than trying to cut into the bulk of it. 
3. The first section you cut will be used as your ‘guide’. About 2cm (0.80 inches) is the recommended length if you only want a trim, but of course, you can shorten your hair more if you wish.
4. Start with one of the front sections. You can use a clip to put the back sections up, so they’re out of your way for the time being. Run your fine-tooth comb through the front section that you're about to cut to bring the hair together. Hold the strand of hair between your first and middle finger and slide down the section with a firm grip until you reach the point where you want the overall length to fall. Then you can make your first snip.
5. Now that the first section is cut, you can use it as a reference point for the other front section. Repeat step 4, slide through the section with a fine-tooth comb, then between your fingers, hold it tightly and match the length of the first section.

6. Once you’re done, bring both sides of your hair forward, and make sure they are balanced and there aren’t any longer strands sticking out. If there are, adjust them. Now is the time to bring the two back sections forward, and match them with the front sections using the same method.

Video Tutorial 

How to Trim Straight Hair Using the Sectioning Method

Of course, there are countless more ‘advanced’ experiments you can do with your hair if you’re feeling brave or have some experience. These guides are for simple trims to keep the hair looking healthy and fresh.

This extra tutorial video explains how to trim curls without heat 


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