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15 Finalists of the 2020 Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest

 The Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest is definitely one of the most highly anticipated photo competitions every year. During this 17th annual run, the judges of the contest chose between dozens of thousands of submissions from 145 countries, and from this huge list of incredible photos, they have selected the 60 best finalists. The photos encompass a variety of moving and mesmerizing topics, and in the end, winners will be announced across each category, and an overall winner will be chosen as well. One of the awards, the People’s Choice Award, is completely up to the public eye, and you can visit the Smithsonian Magazine Website to choose your own until March 31, 2020, from the complete list of finalists. In this article, we feature 15 of these finalists, each one more gorgeous and unique than the previous.

1. 'Cave Fishing' by Natnattcha Chaturapitamorn

Category: Travel
Description: Family fishing in a cave in Vietnam.
Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Finalists 2020 Natnattcha Chaturapitamorn

2. 'Moraine Lake' by Timo Heinz

Category: Altered Image
Description: Moraine Lake at the Banff National Park in Canada.
Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Finalists 2020 Timo Heinz

3. 'Picture Perfect' by Janine Krayer

Category: Natural World

Description: A leopard resting on a branch at the Chobe National Park, Botswana.
Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Finalists 2020 'Picture Perfect' by Janine Krayer

4. 'Portrait of Endurance Athlete Anders Hofman' by Jesper Gronnemark

Category: People

Description: Portrait of an athlete before a challenging competition in Antarctica.

Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Finalists 2020 Jesper Gronnemark

5. 'Dust Devil' by Jim Guerard

Category: Natural World

Description: Male elephant at the Amboseli National Park in Kenya.
Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Finalists 2020 Jim Guerard

6. 'Home Survives Direct Hit From Tornado' by Matt Gillespie

Category: American Experience

Description: The aftermath of a tornado in Georgia.
Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Finalists 2020 Matt Gillespie

7. 'A Fish Seller Displays His Goods' by Jon Enoch

Category: Travel

Description: Pet fish delivery in Hanoi, Vietnam.

8. 'Nueva Venecia' by Javier Arcenillas

Category: Travel
Description: New Venice, a Colombian town built on The Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta lagoon.
Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Finalists 2020 Javier Arcenillas

9. 'Adélie Penguin on an Iceberg' by Conor Ryan

Category: Natural World

Description: An Adélie penguin standing on an iceberg in Antarctica.

10. 'Palina Boy' by Philip Am Guay

Category: Mobile
Description: A boy during All Saints’ Day celebrations in Cebu City, Philippines.

11. 'Train Through the Mountains' by Lori Kupsch

Category: Travel
Description: A train zooming through the Banff National Park.

12. 'Attendees of the Michigan State Fair Ride the Swings' by Amy Sacka

Category: American Experience

13. 'Horse Racing' by Peng Yuan

Category: Mobile
Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest Finalists 2020 Peng Yuan

14. 'Two Whales' by Jim Guerard

Category: Travel

Description: A humpback whale near the coast of East Greenland, close to Tasiilaq.

15. 'Mother and Baby' by Tianyi Xiong

Category: Altered Image
Description: A mother baboon holding its baby.
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