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Artist Creates Amazing Beach Art Using Just Stones

 Land art is a vastly underrated form that often doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. There are a number of talented artists in different corners of the world creating beautiful art on land that is usually forgotten. A major reason for this is that land art is ephemeral and will get erased sooner or later. However, there are some works from this field that leave an indelible imprint in your mind. Jon Foreman’s art falls in that category.
Foreman is the creator of various styles of land art. Sometimes, he uses stones or driftwood on beaches or draws something massive on the sand. He doesn’t get bogged down by his work getting erased due to weather and immediate climate change either, for he believes that his art is part of the creative process from which he is supposed to learn regularly.
Here, we present some of the best beach stone art by Jon Foreman. These are just stones he has found on the beach and organized them in stunning arrangements that are so pleasing to the eyes. 


Beach stone Art

2.Beach stone Art pattern

3.Beach stone Art arrangement

4.Beach stone Art shape


Beach stone Art sand

6.Beach stone Art waves

7.Beach stone Art circular shape

8.Beach stone Art beautiful pattern


Beach stone Art rocky shape

10.Beach stone Art swirling pattern

11.Beach stone Art formation

12.Beach stone Art photography

13.Beach stone Art unique arrangement rocks

Images Source and Cover Image: Jon Foreman

To have a look at more of Jon Foreman’s work, you can visit his Facebook or Instagram page.


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