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Trivia Quiz: 12 Questions About Ancient Rome

 Of all the empires that rose and fell in the blood-red history of humanity, one empire comes to mind more than any other before or after it. An ancient culture, the Roman Empire nonetheless left a huge mark on the world. It made many social innovations as well as physical inventions, and we use a lot of what they discovered today. This trivia quiz has 12 questions about the Roman Empire, starting easy but getting much harder towards the end. Let's see how well you know of the glory that was Rome.
By legend, who are the two brothers that founded Rome?
Asterix and Obelix
Karius and Bactus
Romulus and Remus
Augustus and Julius
Who of the next people did NOT have conflict with Rome?
Hannibal Barca
Alexander the Great
Which river flows through Rome?
Who is considered to be the first true Emperor of Rome?
Though Julius Caesar held much power, he was not an emperor. 'Caeser' was his actual title. Augustus, his adoptive son, was the first true emperor of Rome
What does SPQR stand for?
For Rome and for Glory
The Senate and the People of Rome
Senate and the Patricians of Rome
For God and For Rome
In what year did the Western Roman Empire come to an end?
In 476 AD, Odoacer, head of the Germanic barbarians, overthrew the last Emperor of Western Rome, Romulus. Historians consider this year the end of the Ancient Ages and the start of the Middle Ages.
330 BC
1453 AD
880 AD
476 AD
Who was the first Emperor of the EASTERN Roman Empire?
Constantine the Great, the first Christian Roman emperor, who named the city of Byzantium as an imperial capital, Constantinople.
What was the Pax Romana?
A tax on the people of Britain
A 200-Year of peace for Rome
A period of economic depression
The Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
Who led the uprising against Rome in the Third Servile War?
The Punic Wars were a long series of conflicts between Rome and...
Under this emperor, Rome reached its greatest extent in 117AD
How many soldiers were in a Roman legion?
You still have much to learn of Rome
roman soldier giving thumbs down cartoon
The glory of Rome requires more knowledge to fully understand. Don't worry, this is a huge and ancient subject that few know much about. That said, have a look at the correct answers and read a bit about the subject if you find it interesting!
You are a honorary citizen of Rome!
Even though the Empire has been dead for over a thousand year, you still retain some excellent knowledge of the ancient culture. For this, we hereby make you an honorary citizen of the great empire. You are now an honorary Roman! Have a look at what mistakes you may have made, and may the glory of Rome protect you!
You should have been an Emperor!
How do you know so much about a culture that is so old? You must have some keen interest in the subject or else have some kind of incredible memory. You know Rome well enough to run it, we think. So in another life we would salute you as our Holy Roman Emperor. Instead we bow our heads in admiration.
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