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14 Perfectly-Timed Pics That Will Force You To Look Twice

 Optical illusions can be fascinating as much as they are confusing. Some artists spend their life trying to create the perfect optical illusions to captivate their audience. However, sometimes even the simplest of photographs can play tricks with your mind. This collection of pictures, for instance, will appear weird or downright bizarre at first glance. Take a closer look, though, and you will notice they are just normal photos. 
None of these pictures are photoshopped. They are just incredibly well-timed and create the perfect accidental optical illusion. Take a look.
1. That really does look like a cat at a rock concert. 
Weird Pics cat rock concert
2. Is she floating on water?Weird Pics woman floating
3. Look closely at the top of the straw. Weird Pics woman on straw
4. Wow! That is one giant bird. Or is it?Weird Pics giant bird
5. That hallway looks from another dimension. Weird Pics hallway
6. No, that's not some weird human-dog hybrid. Weird Pics strange dog
7.  The picture isn't edited. She is sitting on a chair. Weird pics woman on a chair
8. Who's that pushing the cart? Uh! No one.Weird Pics cart
9. Look closely and it appears as if the baby is carrying the shopping bag in his little hands.Weird Pics baby shopping bag
10. Are they conjoined twins? Weird Pics cat and dog
11. Look! That's an alien spaceship. Oh, wait...Weird Pics spaceship
12. What an odd-looking building, isn't it?Weird Pics building
13. An infinite mirror effect created in Teamlab planets in Tokyo. Weird Pics room of mirrors
14. That's a man with baby legs! Weird Pics man with baby legs
Images source: Acid Cow
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