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These ABBA Hits Will Brighten Your Day

It might be safe to assume the majority of us are well familiar with ABBA - A Swedish band comprised of 2 couples (Björn and Agnetha Fältskog; Frida and Benny Andersson). They granted Sweden its first Eurovision victory in 1974 with ‘Waterloo’, and went on to be outstandingly successful in the years that followed. 

Their music is known for its sheer joyfulness and effortlessness. In the height of their success, their music seemed almost too effortless to some critics, who claimed them to be nothing but a calculated hit factory. Bjorn, who was the band’s song-writer along with Benny Anderson has been quoted saying these criticisms used to anger him, as the band put their hearts in the process of making music and worked tirelessly to be innovative. And the results speak for themselves. ABBA has definitely stood the test of time, and to this day remains one of the most universally loved pop groups (and rightly so!).   
We hope you enjoy this collection of ABBA’s most iconic songs!



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