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The Most Incredible Survival and Rescue Stories

 One of the most uplifting types of videos I like to watch are the ones where people come together to save others, be they animal or human. This always puts me in a better mood and gives me hope for our species. Watching these altruists, I feel like giving back, too. Below you'll find some of our best stories of survival and rescue. 

6 Unbelievable Child Survival Stories

Children are amazingly resilient. They seem to be able to endure bumps and bruises without any permanent damage, but, unfortunately, they also have their limits. There are too many stories about children dying in unforeseen circumstances. Even so, some have thankfully managed to escape the chains of certain death in unimaginable ways. Below are 6 of the most unbelievable child survival stories ever.

When fighter planes were downed and ships sank by their enemies during World War II, it didn’t always result in the death of everybody on board. Sometimes, a few people managed to survive but found themselves stranded behind enemy lines. With no one looking for them, they were forced to make their own way home. Some of the people who made these journeys went through unbelievable experiences – and made it back alive. Here are 6 incredible survival stories from World War II.

Tales of survival against all odds at sea and on some of its most inhospitable islands have fascinated man since we first set sail into the deep blue unknown. Below are 6 such incredible tales.
For centuries, people have been fascinated with heroes who have managed to survive great dangers and hardships. Here you’ll find six stories in which the protagonists managed to survive fates that should almost spell certain doom.
Animals are amazing, and some of them are so close to us that we’re lucky enough to be able to call them our best friends. They become a huge part of our lives and family, and sometimes they might even save us from certain death. Below are 7 stories of animals being real heroes.

Our canine companions are heroes in so many ways, from guide dogs to rescue dogs and those that risk their lives on a daily basis by sniffing out drugs and explosions, there are numerous tales of man’s best friend standing up and doing amazing things. In honor of these amazing creatures, we decided to compile a list of heroic and courageous canines that will make you fall in love with dogs even more.

We are all going to die – ideally from old age and in our sleep, less ideally from the Universe concocting a terrible, inescapable, and painful end just for us. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as a totally inescapable scenario. Once every now and then, a person finds themselves face-to-face with Death and decides to yank the robes from under his feet and make a quick getaway. Below you’ll find the stories of five such people.
Although it’s true that air travel is statistically one of the safest forms of travel, the death toll is quite high when one does actually crash. Nevertheless, there are some extremely lucky individuals in this world that have been in a plane crash and lived to tell the tale. Here are 6 lucky people who survived plane crashes.
Although we tend to believe that heroes are restricted to the big screen, the truth is that they aren't even restricted to humanity. These heroic animals are an amazing testament to that, having saved people (or other animals) from impending doom by putting their own lives on the line. Here are 12 truly heroic animals that saved lives.
You have likely heard of the inspiring story of Margaret Brown, otherwise known as 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown.' She earned the nickname by commandeering one of the Titanic's lifeboats, threatening to toss one of the ship's officers overboard if he didn't turn back to look for more survivors. But Brown wasn't the only survivor with a fascinating story. Here are six other 'lived to tell' tales.
Sometimes, an individual stuns the whole of humanity with the nobility and selflessness of a self-sacrifice that they make. In fact, it’s pretty incredible to see the number of stories of people willing to lay down their lives for their fellow man that are out there. Here are 7 of the most inspiring tales of self-sacrifice ever told.
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