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Cute Felt Wood Animal Figures That Look Unbelievably Real

 Who doesn’t like looking at cute animals? Ever fell in love with the picture of an adorable white panda? Or a doe? You must have desperately wanted to have those lovable little wild animals in your home, perhaps. But can’t. Well, a Russian artist might have provided you with the best alternative.
Yulia Derevschikova, an artist who hails from Khabarovsk in Russia, specializes in creating felted wool figures. Over the last four years, she has created hundreds of adorable felted wool animal figures –of little rabbits, deer, panda, bear, chipmunks, squirrels and even raccoons. Using the felted wool technique, which adds extra puffiness and texture to the figures, Yulia has created figures so adorably real that you would want them as pets.
Here is a look at some of the figures from Yulia Derevschikova's collection. 
#1 "That's it, pet me right under the ear."
Image source: derevschikova
#2 "All we wanted were some fruits, sir!"
#3 "What are you looking at?"
#4 "What? Nothing in the basket for me?"
#5 "Thank you for the flowers. But I am on a diet."
#6 "Will you stop ruining my hairstyle, please?"
#7 "I need my nails clipped, don't I?
#8 "What? I don't want to fly."
#9 "I am on a diet. I swear!"
#10 "Do you like my new haircut?"
#11 "I didn't shave for a month and now look at my whiskers."
#12 "Come closer. I promise I won't hurt you."
#13 "What are you looking at? This is my evil face!"
#14 "Don't just stare then. Pass me the milk."
#15 "I am freezing. But I am too lazy to get up."
#16 "Okay, I can only give you one of these."
#17 "Psst! Do you think Mom knows about our escape plan?"
#18 "Yawn! Draw the curtains, please. It's too bright."
Images: derevschikova 
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