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Art Collection: Feast Your Eyes on Beautiful Paintings

You may not know some of these painters, but their work has stood the test of time. Their creations are masterpieces of emotion, color, and perception. For centuries, art has given us a window into other minds and other places, inspiring us, changing our conception of how reality looks like through the eye of the creative human mind. Below you'll find the best works of some of the most talented painters you may have not heard of. Click on the paintings to go see more of that artist's work. Enjoy!
Mary Cassatt was an American artist living in 19th century France and a rare woman on the Impressionist painting scene. Her eloquent portraits reveal the inner lives of women, with a focus on showing mothers interacting with their children. Her gentle brushwork and exquisite color choice make her paintings classic, elegant works of art, that people still decorate their homes with to this day.
These beautiful paintings showcase the supreme talents of Evgeny Lushpin, a Russian artist who creates landscapes that make you feel like you could almost step inside. His work is visually rich and uses light and color to present a romantic notion of cities, streets, and human dwellings. Lushpin was born in Moscow in 1966 and studied at the MGPU and Stronganov Moscow State University of Arts.
Jeremy Mann is a San Francisco based artist who creates stunning oil paintings of moody cityscapes, often represented at night or in low light. His works brood with an atmospheric sense of mystery that really draws the eye, and he has produced some of my favorite paintings of recent years. You can see more of his stunning art on his website and follow these links to his cityscapes and figures series, among many others.
September McGee has a memorable name and an even more distinctive painting style. This self-taught artist hails from Laguna Beach, California and is a central figure in American Impressionist art. She displays a passion for figurative subjects and landscapes, often painting women drinking in cafes, ballerinas, and other dancers or musicians with exuberant brushstrokes.

Jeff Rowland was an English painter who specializes in creating the atmosphere of a rainy day in his artwork. His paintings are captivating, filled with mystery and romance. In his work, Rowland liked to let the viewer of the painting make their own mind up about what is happening with the characters in the composition. Here's a look at some of his work.

Daniel F. Gerhartz is a contemporary American painter from Kewaskum, Wisconsin. Inspired by American impressionists he paints a lavish and timeless world. This prolific artist’s talent with the paintbrush creates evocative and emotional scenes, which are utterly gorgeous. His favored subjects include the female figure, pastoral settings, and lush interiors. Pull up a chair and be taken on a journey to a carefree and stunning world.
I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered the luscious, romantic paintings of Italian-American, Pino Daeni! These works of art are so gorgeous and full of soft, delicate and beautiful images of youthful women and children against natural backdrops or homely surroundings. If you love the work of the Impressionists, you’ll really appreciate these exquisite paintings.
Russian painter and sculptor Vladimir Kush has been developing his artistic talents since he was just seven years of age when he began to attend art school. His passion grew to the extent that he eventually graduated in Fine Arts, after which he took part in several successful exhibitions around the world that established him as a surreal artist. Although often compared to the widely-inspirational surreal artist Dali, Kush states that "metaphorical realism" is what best describes the art in his work.
Richard MacNeil is a self-taught English artist whose work I have thoroughly enjoyed following. He paints diverse contemporary scenes with oil, joy, and lightness of heart. His subjects include city scenes, couples, romance, shopping, outdoor scenes, weddings, flowers, children and Christmas. His vibrant work has a beauty that can lift any spirit.
Edouard Cortes was born in 1882 in France and came from a family of painters. His father, Antonio, was a Spanish court painter, and Edouard exhibited a passion and talent for art at an early age.  He became famous for his paintings of Paris, capturing many sights through the seasons during his prolific working life. His beautiful work embraced impressionist brushstrokes and a bright palette. He was an in-demand painter until his death in 1969.
Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, who spent much of his life in France. He is considered one of the twentieth century’s most innovative geniuses, someone who’s cubist style made such an impact on the art world that his name is lauded with approval and love by people across the globe. A natural painter from his youth, Picasso experimented with many styles, according to the various theories he studied as his mind developed, but is especially remembered as the co-founder of Cubism.
Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi, better known as Sandro Botticelli was one of the most acclaimed painters of the Florentine Renaissance. He is best known for his works of art, The Birth of Venus and Primavera which are often said to epitomize the spirit of the Renaissance. Being the great artist that he was, he was also summoned to take part in the decoration of the Sistine Chapel in Rome and was supported by the leading families of Florence, including the Medici. 
Impressionism emerged in France in the middle of the 19th century with Claude Monet one of the chief pioneers of this revolutionary art movement. Monet painted some of the world's greatest Impressionism masterpieces and his work has been very well received by critics and people alike. Below are 10 of his most well-known paintings.
Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was a Spanish artist who is well-known for his works of Surrealism, an important 20th-century movement that focused primarily on literature and art. Dali was expelled from the Surrealist movement due to constant clashes with its members, but that has not stopped him from becoming the most influential of Surrealist artists, and perhaps the most famous 20th-century painter after Picasso. Below are 10 of Dali's most famous paintings.
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist - and painter! A man of so many fine accomplishments was rare even during the heady days of the humanist renaissance. We've selected what we believe to be his 10 most famous artworks. 
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606 – 1669) was a 17th Century Dutch artist, who was renowned as a master of shadow and light. The majority of his paintings depict exceptional realism, and he is widely regarded as one of the greatest self-portrait artists who ever lived. Apart from his many portraits, he is also famous for depicting scenes from the Bible and from mythology.
Doménikos Theotokópoulos, also known as El Greco, was an artist of Greek origin who was among the leading figures of the Spanish Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries. El Greco was a great painter of religious subjects, but he was also talented when it came to portraiture and landscapes. His art is considered to be a precursor to Cubism and Expressionism, making it difficult for art historians to place him in any conventional school.
Norman Perceval Rockwell (1894-1978) was a 20th-century American author, illusionist, and painter who is well known for his illustrations of everyday life, for capturing the spirit of small-town America, and for his patriotic depictions during WWII. He was the most widely known and popular commercial artist of mid-20th century America.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French Impressionist artist who was born in 1841 and died in 1919. He combined the traditions of outdoor scenes of pleasure as depicted by the likes of Watteau and the Classical nude with the progressive aesthetic of Impressionism. We will now take you through 18 of his most famous paintings, and as you go, you will get to learn more about this fascinating artist.
Let’s journey back in time to late 19th - early 20th century Europe, to a period in European art called art nouveau. This is the time when art regained its childish playfulness, and paintings once again became bright-colored, adorned with flowers and gold, and almost cartoon-like. One of the most prominent figures of this period is Czech painter Alphonse Mucha, whose paintings demonstrate like no other the cheerful and unapologetically beautiful art nouveau style.
From a very young age, Cuban painter Roberto Finale was rarely caught without a pencil and pocketbook in his hands. His paintings combine historical scenes with personal childhood memories, which he melds together into glorious trips to the past, to wonderous romantic places, part imagination part reality. His paintings have the uncanny ability to make you long for a place you've never been.
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