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A Look at Animal Eyes...

As pretty as human eyes are, with their multitudes of different colors, animal eyes are no less interesting, and come with some neat features humans can only dream about!

Lets take a short tour in the animal kingdom and look at some of the more interesting eyes in the animal world. From eyes that can see in all directions to eyes that can see both forward and backwards at the same time.


animal eyes

The owl, as a night-time predator bird, has eyes located in the front of the head (like humans, although rare in bird species), with a forward bulge, which give the owl stereoscopic abilities. This is important as the owl needs to differentiate between the background and the smallest of rodents in the dead of night. Their night vision is one of the best in the animal world. 


animal eyes

The gecko has eyes so sensitive to color, they can differentiate between them even at night! 


animal eyes


The gharial ( is a crocodile native to the Indian subcontinent and also called gavial and fish-eating crocodile. It has extremely long and narrow jaws. Due to the special location of its eyes, the gharial can hide in the water all day, with only the eyes above the water line, tracking prey. 


animal eyes


The hipo can easily see under water due to a thin membrane that covers its eyes even when they are open, and protects them from underwater filth. 


animal eyes


The chameleon has eyes that can move in all directions individually and so can see all around it and get two different, clear images at the same time! 


animal eyes


Like many insects, butterflies have eyes that made of hundreds of microscopic lenses, practically - it's hundreds of little eyes. This gives it the capability to look in all directions. It can't focus on an image like we do, but they can detect ultra violet light, which helps them find food. 


animal eyes


The goat's weird looking pupil gets a lot of attention, but it's not there for beauty - this special pupil allows goats to see in 330 degrees! Humans, for example, only have a field of vision of 185 degrees. This helps the goat detect predators in time to jump out of the way and run for its life. 


animal eyes


Not many people know this but the reason frogs have such bulbous eyes is to allow them a bigger field of vision when they shyly peek out of the water.... 


animal eyes


The squid has an amazingly complex system of sight that allows it to see a polarization of light even in the depths of the sea, where almost no light can penetrate. In addition, special sensors in its eyes allow it to see creatures moving both in front and behind it!

Siberian Huskey

animal eyes


We end with one of the most beautiful set of eyes. The siberian huskey's eyes come in shades of blue and brown, and many times - as both at the same time! Many huskies have eyes in different colors.
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