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Luminas: The Patch that Fights Pain the Natural Way

We all know the signs: Pain, heat, redness and swelling. Chronic inflammation is one of the biggest medical problem we face today. More than 350 million people in the world today, and almost 20% of the population of the United States are dealing with chronic inflammation, with numbers expected to reach 60 million next year.

Inflammation is the great silent killer, leading to tormenting diseases such as arthritis, sciatica and fibromyalgia. Recent studies have also framed inflammation as a culprit in Alzheimer's disease. 

inflammation in hand and foot

Of course the worst part is the pain. And one of the most important relief those who suffer from inflammation seek is relief of pain, because chronic pain is something that destroys lives. It doesn't let you enjoy the most basic things in life, being in constant pain. People usually start taking huge amounts of pain medication just to try and have a semi-normal life.

senior man taking pain medication

Here at Baba-Mail we always try to provide alternatives to relying on pain medication, which is not only addictive but harmful in the long term, damaging your liver and causing great harm to the body. On average, 130 Americans die of opioid medication every single day, which is mostly pain management medication. 

A New, Natural Approach to Pain Management

One new approach to pain management we wanted to share and explore with you is more natural pain management that actually works for long periods of time, approaches such as the Luminas patches.

Made from natural pain killers such as turmeric, magnesium and ginger, and over 200 other natural ingredients that fight inflammation and bring relief to an aching body. The patch is exactly what it sounds - it's a patch you put on your body that is actually a fast-acting pain reliever.

This newly FDA registered product represents a new generation in fighting inflammation and managing any ongoing and even chronic pain. 

putting on a Luminas patch

Each patch provides 24 hours of blessed relief from pain and basically has no side effects, which is why we'd recommend trying it before getting addicted to a medication cycle. Back pain, neck pain and other localized pain can all be managed in a natural and safer way.

Below you can see the pain areas in a patient, who suffered years from upper back chronic pain and was given relief in just minutes with this natural ingredient patch. The great thing about it is that, unlike pills, you can put it exactly where it hurts the most, achieving the best pain relief for a specific area instead of trying to chemically change the entire body. 

luminas before and after upper back

So if you suffer from any kind of inflammation, chronic pain or even injury pain that just won't go away, try an all-natural, non-addictive solution before trying anything else.

Learn more about the Pain Relieving Patch Here


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