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Joke: Meeting Friends in the Afterlife

Two good friends meet in the afterlife.

Friend 1: Hey!

Friend 2: Hi!!

Friend 1: So how did you die?

Friend 2: I froze to death.

Friend 1: How terrible!

Friend 2: It wasn’t so bad, after a while I got a warm feeling inside and died peacefully. Anyways, how did you die?

Friend 1: Well I thought my husband was cheating and when I got home he was watching tv and eating chips.

joke: 2 people in the afterlife

Friend 2: And? How did you die?

Friend 1: Well I thought he was cheating so I ran around the entire house looking. I looked in the closet, under the bed, in the cars, behind the couch, in the pantry, and even on the balcony. Well by the time I was done searching I was so worked up I got a heart attack and died.

The second friend starts crying.

"What's the matter?" Asks the first friend, "Why are you crying?"

The second friend lifted her head. "You couldn't start with the FRIDGE?!?" 

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