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14 Facts From the History of Our Incredible Species

 The history of humanity is vast, endless and more than a little weird. As we evolved from the cavemen we once were into the variety of civilizations that have crumbled and been rebuilt over the last few millennia, we have collected a long list of short stories. These stories follow the lives and exploits of history’s greatest rulers, merciless conquerors, brilliant inventors, and quirky scientists. As time passes, the pictures of these stories in caves or on walls slowly start to fade, so we work hard to collect them and share them so these exploits can be carried on forever. Here are 14 such historical facts that may change or reinforce your perception of humanity’s history.   


1. This is some hardcore parenting. 

amazing historical facts, number of times the wright brothers flew together and why



2. The horror! 

Amazing historical facts, extermination of cats in Europe on order of Pope Gregory IX



3. Always listen to the designer.

Amazing historical facts, death of the Titanic's designer and details of the Titanic's original design



4. Some people just can’t take a joke.

Amazing historical facts, Roman emperor Caracalla killed 20,000 for mocking him



5. The irony is undeniable. 

Amazing Historical facts, paranoid Mithridates VI built up an immunity to poison



6. Customer satisfaction is important, no matter what the century.

Amazing historical facts, 4000 year old stone with customer complaint letter about copper



7. Hmm, do you have any aged wine? Ideally 1500 years or older. 

Amazing Historical facts, oldest bottle of wine, dated back 1700 years to 325. A.D



8. This takes eternal loyalty to a totally different level. 

Amazing historical facts, dead pharaohs sealed into tombs with living pets, servants and concubines




9. Medical Science has come a long way. 

Amazing historical fact, Victorian era doctors prescribed beards to keep men healthy



10. I imagine he wasn’t the most popular party guest. 

Amazing historical facts, Sigmund Freud's fondness for cocaine



11. This is unbelievable and deeply disturbing. 

amazing historical facts, advertisement dated back 5000 years to 3000 BC, selling a slave



12. And speaking of things that are deeply disturbing. 

amazing historical facts, Genghis Khan had his starving men engage in cannibalism



13. Hell hath no fury like a jealous Sultan

amazing historical facts, Sultan Ibrahim I killed 280 mistresses



14. We need a Corps like this now. 

amazing historical facts, 3 billion trees planted between 1933 and 1942 by civilian conservation corps


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