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Joke: The Incredible Golden Toilet

 Two teenagers, Liam and Noah were sitting outside on a bench after school.

Liam looked at Noah. "So, man, did you do anything fun this weekend?"

"Not really," Noah replied, "how about you?"

"Oh man, I was at Joe's house for a party last night. His house is UNBELIEVABLE. Do you know they have toilet bowls made of pure gold?? You wouldn't believe it!"

"No way dude, that's impossible. His parents are well off but I don't remember them being THAT rich."

"Come with me and see for yourself if you don't believe me"

joke: teen boys sitting on bench

Later that day, both Liam and Noah went to Joe's house.

Noah rang the doorbell and Joe's mom opens the door.

Noah quickly asks, "My friend came to Joe's party last night and claimed that you have toilet bowls made of gold, is that really true?"

She stands there for a while frowning at them, then turns and yells back into the house.

"Alfred, the scumbag that crapped in your tuba is here!"

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