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Joke: The Fisherman and His Two Sons Towards and Away

 A fisherman and his wife have two children.

But the issue was they had no idea what to name them. No name sounded about right, but one day they realized that whenever they left them in a room to their own devices, one kid faced the sea and the other faced away. It was always the same kid, and it happened each and every time.

So they decide to name their kids Towards and Away, and as the kids grew up, they always still faced towards and away from the sea when they’re not doing anything.

joke: fisherman and sons

Now when they hit thirteen, their dad decides it’s about time they learned the family business, so they packed food and water and went out to sea on their boat.

After about three hours, the fisherman’s wife starts to get worried, as they should’ve been back by now. “They probably just found a good spot, and are reluctant to leave,” she says to herself. But for the NEXT three hours she starts to panic.

Eventually, the boat came back, but it only held the fisherman. He was sobbing, and when he reached her, he told her what happened.

“We got caught in a storm, and as the boat tipped, a huge fish leaped out of the water. Towards was so scared he ended up falling out.” The fisherman’s wife was in tears at hearing the loss of her son. “That must’ve been a huge fish.”

The fisherman nodded. “You should’ve seen the one that got Away!”

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